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Monday, September 01, 2003

Hair's Where the Story Ends 

Well, that’s it all over once again for another year. The Fringe has been cut off and baldness is once more a theme in Edinburgh, well, it’s certainly a theme my brother is embracing, but I digress. The tourists have all left, taking their ability to stand randomly in busy streets with them. The venues have been closed, taking the hopes and dreams of aspiring performers and dashing them to the ground, and the performers have all buggered off back home, taking all their posters and publicity material with them. One of these may not actually be true.

This year 35 shows had the dubious honour of being seen by myself, some of them could be described as fab, many were OK, and fortunately only a handful were as dire as watching Scooch attempt a comeback tour. The highlight was, as anyone who has paid only a passing interest in my website or conversation over the last few weeks, Natalie Haynes, the best comedian I saw over the entire Fringe. Oh, and please note that that’s ‘best comedian’, not ‘best female comedian’ in a really patronising ‘good for a girl’ kind of way. She is excellent. Everyone I know who has seen her has fallen in love with her, and if you do get a chance, take the opportunity to discover her genius for yourself.

Other highlights included Sarah Kendall for being excellent, doing Donald Duck impressions and having a beautifully structured show, actually building on earlier parts of the show to provide later gags, and for having a fantastic hedge joke. My showbiz chum (i.e. I spoke to her three times and she thinks I’m a stalker) Tina Kim, for being ace, but also for showing remarkable self-control by not telling my friend where to go when he was being very drunk towards her. Half Man Half Biscuit, as I can now die happy having seen them live, even if the audience was full of slightly scary bald overweight middle aged men. Rob Brydon for bringing Keith to life on stage in a completely believable manner. Demetri Martin for showing that there is comedy beyond knob gags, despite what some comedians would have you believe, and Mel and Sue simply for being Mel and Sue.

Lowlights were basically the uninspiring Janet Street-Porter, having to work for two out of the 3 and a half weeks, and the state of my bank balance after the event. Still, I wouldn’t miss it for the world, and am already suffering withdrawal symptoms due to now having seen any live entertainment for a week now. But we’re gradually adjusting back to normal life, and my liver is certainly thanking me in no uncertain terms. The site will shortly be returning to it’s previous life, where, despite the name, it will still lack talent, but will have it’s normal music based slant back once again, probably beginning with an article on the rubbishness of pop ballads.

But anyway, lets have a moment silence to ponder upon just how comeNatalie Haynes is so perfect...