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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Dizzee Deserve It? 

Well, the winner of the Mercury Music Prize was announced last night, and the lucky artist who won the £20,000 prize was Dizzee Rascal, as we correctly predicted in our post on the day the shortlist was announced. No we did, seriously. You can got and check it out if you want, but be warned, such mistrustfulness and refusal to accept our word on this is a sign of blatant stupidity, and this stupidity may manifest itself in you seeing the words “The Thrills, who earlier this year, released the single One Horse Town, which was swiftly followed by the album One Trick Pony , are who I believe will win it, not because I think they're any good, but mainly because Morrisey likes them, and they’re Irish.” instead of the phrase “Dizzee Rascal will win it. Definitely.” Ahem.

Anyway, we’re not too sure about Mr Rascal, party because we’ve only heard two of his songs:- I Luv U isn’t too bad, but is a bit busy for our liking, while Just a Rascal features the most embarrassing hook since a group of rappers decided to do a tribute album to Phil ‘Fucking’ Collins (and please note, that’s not gratuitous swearing, that’s his proper pop name, in a similar manner to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy or Fred ‘Untalented Twat’ Durst), but ignoring that we’re mainly not too sure about him because we don’t think that ‘Rascal’ is a street enough epithet. If this is the standard nowadays, can we expect to hear new material by the likes of Mischievous Scamp or Naughty Boy? We do already have the Cheeky Girls, so he might be onto something.

Incidentally we’d like to make a complaint about the Radio One coverage. First of all it was hosted by Colin and Edith, whose only good point was that neither of them were Zane Lowe. Secondly Edith was championing Athlete. Not even Athlete were championing Athlete. Thirdly, they kept talking about how fantastic it was that it was such an open field this year and the fact that there was no obvious winner meant that it had been a fantastic year for music. Nonsense. The reason that there was no easy choice was because the albums chosen were so mediocre, none of them were strong enough to really stand out from the pack. None of the nominees are likely to be remembered in a year or so, only the Darkness are making waves right now, but that’s because it’s a good fun, party album, it’s not something that you’ll even remember owning in a few months. Which is not to say that this year has been entirely rubbish in terms of UK music, it’s just that the panel chose to ignore these highlights. Where were Ladytron? Where was Patrick Wolf? Where were Black Box Recorder? Where were Girls Aloud? Where were The Delgados? Where were British Sea Power? Where’s the love? Where did I put my keys? Where are we meeting tonight…