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Saturday, August 09, 2003

Hair's some more 

There’s a slight dilemma here as technically I should replace Natalie Haynes with Rob Brydon in the Best Show slot on the left hand side of this page, but I’m not going to. Partly because I’m beginning to develop a worrying obsession with Miss Haynes but mainly because Rob is already a top TV star and doesn’t really need the (practically non-existent) oxygen of publicity that being given the best show accolade would offer, and besides, he’s not doing a full Fringe run anyway. Suffice to say though, that his show is excellent, Keith is beautifully convincing on stage giving us his talk about how to handle divorce and to miss seeing this live would be an act of stupidity akin to attempting to cut of both your hands by yourself. Or not seeing Natalie Haynes.

Other acts that deserve a mention include Demetri Martin and Daniel Kitson, both of whom are doing shows that are slightly twee and away from the standard stand-up conventions. Daniel doing a made-up story about a girl, some apples and a boy named Beth, while Demetri tells a real tale about his own life and his slightly anal character traits. Demetri’s show is better than Daniel’s, but they’re both worth checking out if you like something that has a bit more of a structure than your standard comedians 20 minute set stretched out to an hour.

Go and see Paul Tonkinson if you’re very drunk as he’ll probably seem really fab. I had only had a couple, so he was merely not bad in my view. Don’t go and see Janet Street-Porter no matter what state you’re in, unless you really like watching an under-rehearsed woman do a badly performed show, with little of interest to man, beast or member of Radiohead.