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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Hair-oes of the Hour 

So, there I was, heading towards the Gilded Balloon Teviot to see Plat du Noit, a show that was clearly going to be so outstanding that they were giving away free tickets for it. As I arrived at the venue at the appropriate time, I noticed a steady stream of people leaving the place. This is not a good sign if the place is emptying before the show actually begins. As it turns out, I’ll never know if the show was a masterpiece or not, as the Balloon was being evacuated due to a fire alert. Normally this would have been a bit of a bugger, but, amongst the stream of audience members leaving was top comedian Stephen K Amos who was in the middle of doing his show when the evacuation began. Following him were his audience, who he led to the middle of Bristo Square and carried on with his show. Unsurprisingly a lot of other people quite fancied the idea of free comedy, so a much larger crowd began to form around him. Sensing a publicity opportunity a number of comedians also got in on the act, and what began as a fire alarm turned into an hour and a half long impromptu comedy gig featuring a vast selection of up and coming talent from the fringe, including an appearance by the fantastic Daniel Kitson. Unfortunately, all good things had to come to an end, and after slightly rubbish musical comedian Mitch Benn likened himself to Jesus, the heavens opened and the crowd dispersed.

Still, fun while it lasted though, although most bitterly I can’t get a refund on my free tickets as they do state, quite clearly, that they are free. Bastards!