Talent in a Previous Life

Because It's Never Just About the Music

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Hairline Laughter 

Culture is a part of all our lives, for some it is an irritation, for others a mild distraction, for biologists, it’s often something in a petri dish, but for Edinburgh it is a 4 weeks arts and entertainment extravaganza taking over the month of August. As a result of this, TiaPL will be spending the next few weeks attempting to bring you the highlights and the possibly slightly more frequent lowlights of what the Fringe has to offer.

We’ll mainly be going to see comedy, partly because that’s what we really like, but mainly so that we can steal the jokes of unknown comedians and use them on our site promote new comedy by featuring the material of rising stars. In addition to this we do plan on trying to see some theatre and music things, although anything performed by an amateur group or by school-children will be strictly out of bounds as they are all, without exception, rubbish. It is worth pointing out that the plan to see Kelly Osbourne definitely fits into the comedy side of things.

In the unlikely event that you have anything you want to recommend to us (or in the even more unlikely event of you being a promoter and want to give us free tickets, which would be great, as due to my abject failure to get onto the Perrier panel I’ll be putting my hand into my pocket on a regular basis) then you can e-mail us at talentinapreviouslife@hotmail.com. We’re off out now to try and blag some free tickets for any of the preview shows. And we do mean any. We have no shame.