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Because It's Never Just About the Music

Monday, July 14, 2003


Well, T in the Park is now over and done with, reviews of the bands appear below this, but I thought I’d give a few general observations about the events before we get onto that. First of all, I am now sporting a permanently embarrassed look upon my face thanks to the sun being rather hot throughout the weekend and not using any suntan cream. I am trying to convince myself that it is a healthy glow, and not something that people are going to be pointing at and laughing at me in the street for.

The weather though, brings me to the following piece of advice for people. Gentleman, no matter how hot it is, keep your t-shirts on. The public have no desire to see your beer-bellies hanging out over your shorts. T-shirts where invented for a reason. Use them. And, because at TiaPL we believe in equality, we should point out to the ladies that sunburnt shoulders with white strap marks is seriously not a good look.

People who feel the desire to throw half-full pints of lager over the crowd, you are idiots. No-one, with the possible exception of Triple 8’s girlfriends, wants a sticky substance in their hair. You are not being funny or crazy, you are being a twat. If you want to show the world you’re a twat, then do what every other idiot does and get a ‘zany’ hat. It’s less hassle for us and gives off the same message.

Drunk people, you’re not as funny as you think you are. Stoned people, you’re not as interesting as you think you are.

Oh, and Bongo players can fuck right off.

Thank you.