Talent in a Previous Life

Because It's Never Just About the Music

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Why Does the Flum Whine? 

Hello, and welcome to Talent in a Previous Life. The only place on the web to find the allegedly humourous thoughts and opinions of Flum, well, apart from my old site and the Popjustice Messageboard, but other than that the material here is totally exclusive. And that's not becuase no-one else wants it. Anyone who says that is not only a liar, but is in the posession of underwear that can only be described as 'flaming'.

Some people feel that the internet is a forum for the free exchange of thoughts and ideas, leading to a greater level of communication between different cultures, causing a vast improvement in international relations and the eventual creation of a new world order. We, on the other hand, consider it to be useful as an ego-trip and a chance to force our ill-thought out opinions on to others, which is exactly what we'll be doing. Talent in a Previous Life promises to provide no useful content, no unique points of interest and no dull minutae of the writers life. Instead we'll offer poor quality jokes about pop bands, flights of fancy that the generous might describe as surreal, the honest as laboured and, in addition to that, we'll attempt to prick the pomposity of modern public figures using only our wit, which is guaranteed to be at least as sharp as a sphere.

In other words TiaPL will offer much the same sort of content as every other half-arsed person who thinks they're funny enough to write a website. But the difference is that we know we're rubbish, and we've been doing this sort of thing since 1996 so we have experience in being rubbish. Which is the sort of thing that money can't buy. Except that money can buy us, we're very cheap and will happily promote whatever you like for cash. Please e-mail us if you want us to prostrate ourselves for your needs.